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DX Calling Little Ol’ Me?

A bit of a puzzler today.  I was calling KH6SAT on JT65 20m primarily to thank him for the nice paper QSL he sent (which I had reciprocated right away).

Instead of a response from Rick, VR2ZUZ called me from Hong Kong.  Only my second Hong Kong (and none confirmed yet).  But I was surprised that 1) he’d call me at all and 2) was so anxious he didn’t wait for a CQ (which I probably wouldn’t have sent anyway).

Maybe he’s a new ham and needs Arizona for WAS?

Maybe the path is just right.  I’m seeing a lot of Japanese stations on the waterfall and worked my first Taiwan station.  Shortly after this, a Russian responded to my CQ.

I know none of this is “rare” DX but it’s nice to feel wanted.

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